i hadn’t done a 10on10 since the last time i was in doylestown (october!), so i thought i’d dedicate part of my day to it. ten photos on the tenth of the month, one photo every hour for ten hours.

theme: tiny toes kiss the earth.

one.) fresh out of the shower & completely in love with this bathroom tile floor. two.) fields of green speckled purple. three.) PB&J smoothie. four.) sandbox with my favorite three year old. five.) bees, books & buttercups. six.) drink in the wild air. seven.) feeling relaxed with a full belly & a priceless view. eight.) evening guitar & some silly singing. nine.) B gave me a lengthy guitar lesson. ten.) my last night at creek house. ice cream & dexter before sleeps.

  1. sandrasue said: Love!
  2. meganwiththeink said: I love the way you did your 10 on 10! Concept if posting them all at once in a collage is so clever!
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